While in Covid19 'lockdown' one of the things I miss the most is my local coffee shop. So, I decided to open my own coffee shop that just serves me at home and of course it needed to be branded. 
People panic buying things like eggs, flour and toilet paper at the beginning of 'lockdowns' lead to worldwide shortages. Those not able afford or cary as much as others were left with empty shelves. I designed this tote bag graphic to bring awareness to the issue.
Working from home certainly saves you the time you would usually spend commuting, but are there more distractions at home than the office?
I took this simple, but important message and experimented with some script style lettering. STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES!

Sometimes self-isolation can feel pretty lonely, but it’s helpful to remember that even that loneliness is a shared experience; we’re all going through this together, all over the world, and it’s part of something much, much bigger than just you or me. I collaborated with my friend @tobiashall on this typographic poster. I created letters T e p E T a t R and Tobias did s O G a r H E e. Combined they make "Separate Together".

I was commissioned by HP to create a poster for their “Windows for Hope” poster project. These inspirational posters, made from artists all over the world can be downloaded for free, printed at home and displayed in your window. 

Download here: HP.com/windowsofhope 

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